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What Others are Saying about Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

With this book the publisher is offering to the Church and especially its laity a gift of great worth. In it the confessional jewels of the Lutheran Church are taken from general storage and placed into a precious setting that will foster their use in living room and classroom alike.

—Rev. Dr. Raymond L. Hartwig
Secretary, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

This version of the Lutheran Confessions is the most comprehensive, accessible, attractive, user-friendly, and explanative presentation of the Lutheran Confessions I have ever seen. Concordia Publishing House deserves congratulations for making available such a wonderful learning instrument for clergy and laity alike.

—Dr. Robert Benne
Director, Center for Religion and Society
Roanoke College (ELCA)
Salem, VA

At a time of great perplexity, Lutheranism’s theological treasure has been opened to the general public. This beautifully edited and elegantly presented “Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord” is a wonderful guide out of the spiritual labyrinth created by liberal fudge on the one hand and simplistic self-righteousness on the other. Often it seemed that Lutherans had buried their assets. Now finally we have an intelligible elucidation of what they “believe, teach, and confess” and what they “reject and condemn.” What emerges is an unambiguous and certain witness to the Christian faith that has at this instant been made accessible to all—Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike.

—Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto
United Press International Religious Affairs Editor
Washington, DC

I commend Concordia Publishing House for the publication of this new reader’s edition of Dau and Bente’s translation of the Lutheran Confessions. With all the newly added historical and doctrinal commentary by its editors, I believe this “popular” edition will be treasured and studied by both clergy and laity alike!

—Rev. Dr. James W. Kalthoff
President, The Missouri District of the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod

This user-friendly Book of Concord is rich with simple notes, definitions, and introductions, descriptions of persons and groups mentioned, outlines, timelines, pictures, and other helps and articles. May this book help our church’s people to treasure and apply the Lutheran Confessions, as our fellow Lutherans did in the past.

—Rev. Dr. Thomas Manteufel
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, MO

Surrounded by false teaching, Scripture rationalization, watering down of doctrine, and the temptation to yield to society’s desires, it is vital for our laypeople, church workers/leaders, and clergy to know what God says in His holy Word as well as what we profess in the Church. Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions is a must for every Lutheran to use as a companion with the Bible in his or her daily devotions. The newly added introductions, charts, timelines, and annotations give a deeper understanding of why the Confessions were written and the history surrounding them. Though the Confessions are over 400 years old, they address our contemporary problems and battles. Studying this book will reinforce our conviction to stand on and live according to God’s Holy Word as promised at our Baptism.

—Deaconess Betty Mulholland
Munster, IN

This edition of the Concordia, with its magnificent illustrations, paintings, notes, and other useful study materials, will make hearts burn with passion for the clear, pure Gospel. As a result, there will be clear faith and confession resulting in love. “Oh, it is a living, busy, active, mighty thing, this faith. It is impossible for it not to be doing good works incessantly” (Formula of Concord SD IV 10).

—Rev. Matthew C. Harrison
Executive Director
LCMS Human Care and World Relief

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions presents the vibrance of historical, confessional Lutheranism to twenty-first-century readers. Eminently readable, with a style and layout designed to engage and enlighten the layperson, this project provides an invaluable catechetical resource for anyone who has wondered, “What does this mean?”

—Dr. Barbara J. Resch
Associate Professor of Music Education
Indiana University-Purdue University

How good and pleasant it is to be lured and led into and through the Book of Concord, and with so may helps and pictures too. The historical settings are clarified with timelines, and what is confessed, with elucidating comment. Confessional Lutherans may come to know and enjoy the Confessions as never before. The Small Catechism is a good start, but there is so much more here to nourish, deepen, and defend our faith.

—Rev. Dr. Norman Nagel
Graduate Professor of Systematic Theology
Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, MO

This “Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord” is a magnificent achievement. The text is clean and fresh, for the sake of the Gospel. Introductions for each article bring into clear focus both the historical and theological contexts. Prepared specifically with laypeople in mind, this work will be a standard reference for pastors, and, even more, should become a well-loved resource in every Lutheran home.

—Rev. Herbert C. Mueller, Jr.
President, The Southern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod

The Lutheran Confessions are eminently pastoral and practical writings for the Christian faith and life. Far from historical relics from the Church’s attic, they pulsate with the Gospel of God’s justification of the ungodly, as the message that is forever new. Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions provides laity with an updated English version of the Book of Concord along with well-crafted introductions, annotations, glossaries, and art. This volume makes the Lutheran Confessions accessible to the laity for devotional use and group study.

—Rev. John T. Pless
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, IN

This volume is just what is needed in our confused age. Popular and accessible, it is an ideal study volume. The pure evangelical truth of the Reformation is ready to shine forth again, enabling us to make a clear confession of Christ and His liberating Word. Thanks be to God!

—Rev. Dr. Kurt Marquart
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Concordia Theological Seminary
Fort Wayne, IN

The Lutheran Confessions are not merely historical documents of the Reformation; they are the living confessional voice of Lutheranism in the world today. Embellished with magnificent woodcuts and filled with valuable historical notes and study helps, Concordia brings the Lutheran Confessions into the realm of daily reading and devotion and puts pastors, teachers, and laity on the same confessional page.

—Rev. William M. Cwirla
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Hacienda Heights, CA

CPH’s Book of Concord project is most impressive, attractively printed in a clear layout. The real “added value” for lay readers is in the informative introductions, fine period engravings (a first?) included at relevant locations, and helpful timelines to orient the reader to contemporary events.

—Mr. David O. Berger
Director of Library Services
Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, MO

The “Reader’s Edition” is precisely what Lutherans require: a book of timeless wisdom written explicitly for these times when God and His Truth are everywhere under attack. This offering is a call to faithfulness. The text offers refreshment and renewal in the faith for those familiar with the Book of Concord and a fascinating excursion of discovery for those who are eager to know what confessional Lutheranism is all about. The introductory material and the overviews are engaging, are wonderfully written, and cultivate a vibrant understanding of the context and content of the Lutheran Confessions. Even better, the countless resource features supporting and examining each of the documents can be used easily by anyone. This is an essential companion volume for every Lutheran who owns a Bible. It will fast become a classic, as it belongs in every home and Bible Study group and on each church worker’s reference shelf.

—Dr. Beverly K. Yahnke
Executive Director, Christian Counseling Services
Wauwatosa, WI

This “Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord” is a resource whose time has come. Too long the Book of Concord has been a book of secrets for the professionals “in the know.” Now it will be accessible to laypeople through a clear, updated text and superb resources and introductions.

—Rev. Dr. Scott R. Murray
Memorial Lutheran Church
Houston, TX

This new edition is the perfect gift for confirmation, as well as for Lutheran laypeople at any time. The introductions, helps, and illustrations make these sixteenth-century documents accessible to the average reader—and it is affordable! May it kindle a renewed love for the doctrinal heritage of our church!

—Rev. Dr. Martin R. Noland
Director, Concordia Historical Institute
St. Louis, MO

“What is the Book of Concord?” I heard this often in the parish. I repeated the same words years ago! But the Confessions drove me back to Scripture as they revealed with crystal clarity the doctrines of Christ. They strengthened my witness to the Church and the lost world. This project might well be the holy leaven that drives our people back to the Scriptural revelation of God’s love in Christ for them and all people.

—Rev. Randall L. Golter
President, The Rocky Mountain District of the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod

This beautiful book is far more than a fresh translation of the Book of Concord. It is an amazing and inviting one-stop resource for ongoing study of the Lutheran Confessions. We plan to buy these by the case for use in our monthly study with elders and other congregational leaders.

— Rev. Peter K. Lange
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Topeka, KS

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions is a noteworthy publication that is intended to give our laity an opportunity to know our Lutheran Confessions. Of special note are the sections on “How to Use This Book,” the guide for daily reading of the Confessions, and a timeline that locates the events of the Reformation in the context of world history.

—Rev. Dr. George F. Wollenburg
President, The Montana District of the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod

Members of the clergy have long known the joys of reading the Confessions. Unfortunately, except for the Small Catechism, most laypeople have never shared that joy. I pray that the “Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord” will change that. This is a gift to the entire English-speaking Church!

—Rev. Robert M. Zagore
Trinity Lutheran Church and School, Traverse City, MI
Editorial Associate, Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology

This edition of the Lutheran Confessions deserves a place beside some of the best Confessional writings. The original translators, and now the editors, have kept lay readers in mind as they have done a masterful job in making this an easy read. This is a great book and has appeared at the right time as we begin to plan for the Reformation’s 500th anniversary, which is only 12 years away (2017)!

—Rev. Dr. Robert M. Roegner
Executive Director, LCMS World Mission—BFMS

A priceless gift from the laity, for the laity, for the sake of the faith united like a single heartbeat: this wonderful resource with beautiful, historical illustrations explains what the Lutheran Confessions are, how they developed, the enormous price that Lutherans paid to uphold them, and their enduring significance today.

—Dr. Angus Menuge
Associate Director, The Cranach Institute
Professor of Philosophy, Concordia University, Mequon, WI

An eminently readable edition of the Lutheran Confessions, this volume offers a wealth of resources that make the Confessions all the more understandable and accessible. A must for congregations and pastors!

—Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.
Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN

With Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, CPH has published a marvelous edition of the Book of Concord at a special time: the 425th anniversary of the Book of Concord. Here is a wonderful mission tool to be shared with our partners around the world, a gift to be given to prospective church workers and new families as they join the congregation. I would commend it to be used in the monthly elders’ or deacons’ meeting and for study in adult Bible classes. This volume should be in every home and church library!

—Rev. Don Fondow
President, The Minnesota North District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

The Book of Concord is not meant for church workers only. This edition has many features, including explanations and references, that will help laypeople understand the meaning and importance of the Book of Concord. Pastors will appreciate this edition, but will also want to encourage their members to possess a copy. I agree with the sainted Professor William Arndt, who wrote, “My plea is that we do not become so occupied with our daily tasks in the churches that we forget the magnificent treasures which are furnished us in our Confessions.”

—Rev. Dr. Vernon L. Schindler
President, The South Dakota District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions is a fresh and user-friendly edition of the Book of Concord. Unlike previous versions, which require a great deal of supplemental studies to comprehend, this version allows even the most uninformed reader to grasp the meaning and significance of the Lutheran Confessions. The powerful commentary, historical information, and concise summaries of each article engage and challenge its readers to acknowledge that these are not merely documents of a past age, but the timeless truths of the true catholic faith to be confessed for the sake of all in every age.

—Rev. Kent A. Umbarger
St. John’s Lutheran Church, East Moline, IL

Whether a new or a mature Christian, this book is for you! Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions is a reader-friendly edition of our beloved Confessions that nourishes personal faith and equips Christ’s witnesses in a society increasingly hostile to Christianity. Introductions, brief historical backgrounds, and a one-year reading guide make this edition inviting and engaging.

—Mr. Ted Kober
President, Ambassadors of Reconciliation, Billings, MT


Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions is a remarkable new edition of the Book of Concord.

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