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Small Catechism: The Six Chief Parts of Christian Doctrine Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Emma, Missouri, St. Paul Lutheran Church in Jasper, Texas and Faith Lutheran Church in Woodville Texas are happy you've come for a cyber-visit. We hope that one day, we will have the pleasure of meeting you in person.

We are congregations of of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS). One thing we have in common (besides being Lutheran) is that Faith and St. Paul shared Pastor Walter P. Snyder for seven years (1992-1999) and now he is pastor of Holy Cross.

To learn about our Synod, you can visit the official home page of The LCMS.

"Synod" means "walking together," or "walking on the same path," and the purpose of The Missouri Synod is to bring together like-minded congregations and individuals. The LCMS has prepared some brief statements about us and our beliefs. You're welcome to find out Who We Are and What We Believe.

The LCMS is divided into districts. Faith and St. Paul belong to the Texas District of The Missouri Synod. Holy Cross is in the Missouri District. If you want to know more, we invite you to compare Lutheranism to other churches.

Pastor Walter Snyder

Go to Pastor Snyder's Homepage

Hi! I'm the Rev. Walter Snyder, pastor of Holy Cross, Emma, Missouri and former pastor of Faith and St. Paul, Jasper and Woodville, Texas. God has truly blessed me with the congregations I've been privileged to serve. I pray that if you are in the area of any of these towns, you stop in and get to know some of God's special people.

If you're an "old timer" in the Missouri Synod, then you may know the "other" Walter Snyder, who happens to be my dad. He's still a parish pastor, now living in Honey Grove, Texas, and preparing to complete his retirement from the active ministry after more than 35 years.

On the Net, I'm also known as Xrysostom, and I invite you to come visit me at my home page. You can send me E-mail if you'd like to know more about these congregations, northwest Missouri, southeast Texas, or Lutheranism.

I have a weekly newspaper column called "Ask the Pastor" in the Wednesday newspaper of Concordia, Missouri. It's also sent to Internet subscribers around the world. Stop by to see what people have been asking, and how I've been responding. The files are all in plain ASCII text and you can read them on-line or download them. I'm never disappointed with the wide range of questions people bring up, and pray that they are not disappointed with my answers.

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If you'd like even more church-related information, Christian Connections (TCM) has resources for all ages. Find other Christian information on the Net through my directory of Christian Computing.

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