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Lutheran Theology Links from Xrysostom

compiled by Pastor Walter P. Snyder

Page Contents:
Confessional Gems | Lutheran Bodies | Education | Reading | Email Lists | Blogs | Other Links

Confessional Gems

One Man's "Best of the Best"

Of the making of web pages, there is no end. Thus, the following is a mere sampling of pages that represent orthodox, Confessional Lutheran teaching and practice. Further details of some of these sites may be found lower in this page.

Martin Luther - Art by Cranach, text by Project Wittenberg

Links to Lutheran Bodies

NOTE: I have included all of the following because of their own claims to the name Lutheran. You may, however, discover that some of them have departed in theology and practice from the historic, confessional faith of the Lutheran Church.

Many of the world's Lutheran churches are allied under the aegis of the Lutheran World Federation. These are marked with the *LWF* tag. Not all who are in the LWF participate fully in joint communion, nor do all share the same theology. Some of the more confessional bodies, while not always in full altar-pulpit fellowship, participate in the International Lutheran Council and are marked with an +ILC+ tag. A newer association is the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference, which is marked ~CELC~.

American Lutheran Churches

Note: For congregation home pages, follow links from the pages of these bodies or use the Congregations pages of the Open Directory Project. To find confessional, liturgical congregations, you can also use information from Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgical Congregations.

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Lutheran Churches around the World

Note: For congregation home pages, follow links from the pages of these bodies or use the Church Locator from Christianity Today.

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Lutheran Schools and Education--A Sampler

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Lutheran Reading

+Great Christian Allegory+
Order Bestman Order Little One Order Rogue Order Scapegoat Order Magwort
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Lutheran E-mail Lists

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Confessional Lutheran Blogs I Read or Write

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Other Lutheran Links

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